Taiha Lee Perron

After having her first experience with a Ouija board at the age of 5, Taiha Lee Perron has been a devout student of the Mystic Arts ever since. Interpreting dreams, practicing divination, developing psychic awareness, seeing reoccurring numbers on the clock constantly, and hosting her childhood friends over for esoteric circles were all a natural part of her life by the age of 10. Today, Taiha is a Writer, Speaker, and Spiritual Mentor for Young Female Entrepreneurs as well as facilitates Sacred Women’s Circles in her local community. She uses a unique system of spiritual technologies with her clients and students that include; Numerology, Clairvoyant Readings, Guided Meditation, Tarot, Oracle Guidance, and Affirmative Prayer. Taiha is passionate about helping Young Female Entrepreneurs get clear on their Life Purpose and learn how to Creatively Channel their visions into a business. She offers long-term Spiritual Mentorships, Private Retreats, Group Coaching, Workshops, and 1:1 readings both online and locally. Your time with Taiha is well spent each week. Tune in each Tuesday at 9pm (US Eastern) for her weekly work of art… “Developing Devotion with Taiha Lee Perron.” Like so many, you will discover an important part of you that was almost forgotten. Don’t miss it!!

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