Sue Carrol

Sue Carrol is a Psychic Medium with gifts and skills that always amaze. Since her teens, she had the ability to detect the energies of those that have passed over to the Spirit world and to communicate with them. She hears, sees and feels Spirit and uses this ability to conduct readings for people who wish to contact loved ones and others who have crossed over. The Spirit World can come through her and give messages to comfort even after the physical body dies. Sue is well known for her ability to bring those who have passed and those who have not together. The spirit lives on eternally. Sue is proud to be able to know this very well. She has given hundreds of readings and has trained to develop her skills with some of the top mediums in the UK, who also work on TV and all over the world. As well as demonstrations to live audiences in the UK.and also in Europe, she regularly hosts shows in the Canary Islands and also in Iceland. Sue does one to one readings, remote readings, psychometry, automatic writing, and teaches Tarot, Angel Cards and Spiritual Development. She believes it is her path to spread the word about our connection to our eternal self and to bring healing, peace, happiness and success by channeling the energy and wisdom of the Universe. Tune in each Thursday night for her weekly international radio show “Spiritual Connections” with Sue Carrol… 11:30 (US Eastern)on A1R Psychic Radio & enlighten your life

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