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Susan Kennedy is an amazing psychic-medium.  She is also one of Australia’s most down to earth Spiritual Mediums and her journey is to help you on yours.  Inspiring and empowering through readings, teaching and healing she helps you find your answers reconnecting you with your life purpose, your inner spirit and your loved ones in the spirit world.  Reading at soul level reveals what you need to know right now so you recognize your strengths, your true life-path and your opportunities. Through your soul reading Susan may connect with your passed over loved ones as well as your spirit team of guides bringing healing, closure, understanding and peace. Healing happens on both sides of the veil as things left unsaid or unhealed can be revisited. In her view, this is the true miracle of using psychic and mediumship abilities. The past so often holds the key to unlocking your future and she knows you are a powerful and amazing person who can create a magnificent, happy and incredible life.  Originally from London, Susan is a part Indian, part Irish woman whose life has had many twists and turns.  She’s now living and loving life on the Gold Coast, Australia.  Susan found her calling after going through a series of personal, family and business losses.  Her mediumship and psychic faculties emerged at the darkest time in her life when everything else seemed to be crashing down around her. It was then the light inside Susan really switched on and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Her passion is teaching and inspiring others to live spiritually abundant and fulfilled lives. She hosts Australian & International Retreats & workshops, speak at events, read privately and in groups as well as individually tailored mentoring sessions. Whatever brings inspiration, healing, clarity and peace, she’s there! Don’t forget to visit her site and download her free e-book.  There will be free meditations coming up as well.  While you are there check out Susan’s spiritual awakening course. 

Tune in for Susan’s awesome weekly show “Living & Loving Life” each Tuesday night at 10:30pm ET/9:30pm CT/8:30pm MT/7:30pm PT on A1R Psychic Radio.  She is a very special host indeed… one listen to the show and you’ll be hooked!

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