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Indigo-Grace was born psychic and has been gifted with the ability to tune into your energy and to Divine Spirit to receive messages and guidance about your journey in this life time, past lives, the lessons you are here to learn and why. These lessons are the answer to your soul purpose, igniting your soul flame. Indigo combines her amazing psychic gifts with accredited shamanic energy healing, crystals, inner child healing and more. She works with guides, angels and Spirit so you will receive answers and guidance, bringing you back into heart, connecting to your soul and returning to inner peace. Indigo has a degree in counselling and combines all of her gifts, training and life times of experience to provide incredibly accurate and intuitive answers to some of life’s biggest questions and challenges. An internationally renowned psychic, energy worker and highly regarded counsellor, you will be taken on an incredible journey into your heart and soul so you may know your passion and purpose, direction, become more empowered and bathe in bliss.

Join Indigo-Grace each week for her fantastic weekly radio show “Heart & Soul Guidance” each Thursday night at 10:30 East/9:30 CT/8:30 MT/7:30 PT (US) right here on A1R Psychic Radio.  You will love her!!

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