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Darlene Sochin has a unique background as a preschool teacher for 25 years and a warm and gentle approach to supporting and encouraging friends and clients as they begin to explore their intuitive gifts. Darlene’s own abilities re-emerged from childhood after having cancer 12 years ago and being visited by angels and loving guides who came to her assure her of her bright and magical future. She now embodies the infinite possibilities we can all create as energetic, psychic beings. The first step is to recognize your own special capacities. Darlene then invites you to step into your source, your light self, and together with your willingness, helps to energetically clear your doubts, fears, and judgments that may be stopping you from tapping into all that you be. Julie Mast is just beginning to step into her “light” and explore what it means to be defined as a medium. After a devastating divorce, her sister-in-law convinced her to take a journey to Sedona, Arizona and spend a weekend at a women’s retreat called experience yourself. Besides being a transformational weekend, Julie met Bonnie Wirth, an amazing medium from Alberta, Canada. Julie signed up for a reading with Bonnie following the retreat. One of the first questions Bonnie asked was “are you a medium?” Two years later and completion of beginning/intermediate mediumship and beginning of the Advanced Masters Program to Mediumship, Julie shares her experiences with audiences all around the world. Tune in to their show “You’re Time To Shine” each Thursday night at 10:30 (US eastern time)… Because the world needs a lot more light.

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