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Angel Con Fette (known as “The Channel”) is a psychic-medium and intuitive channel that can communicate with divine individuals. She routinely communicates with Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Galactic beings. Angel is also an Empath and Shamanic Blue Ray Healer that practices many types of energy healing. Her favorite gift is the ability to be your spiritual adviser and teacher. She helps both the living and those that have passed on to heal, learn, and grow. Angel’s story is a bit different than many of the other show hosts. While she has had her abilities in many lifetimes and they’ve always been there, she did not remember or know that she had them until much later in this life. It wasn’t until after becoming disabled, due to a painful genetic condition, that she began a spiritual journey that led her to discovering that she is a First Wave Blue Ray Indigo, a type of Lightworker who’s life purpose is to help humanity and spread light and love. With this discovery she also found out about her many special abilities. These discoveries led Angel to want to learn as much as possible, and to educate herself in all types of healing and spiritual modalities. As her knowledge and love for the divine grew, she became an ordained minister so that she could counsel people and do the work that she felt so strongly led to do. She now has committed herself to fulfilling her life’s mission of helping and healing as many souls as she can, leaving this planet better than it was before she came. This show is part of that mission. Tune in to Angel’s wonderful weekly show “The Vibe Channel” live every Thursday at 11:30pm (US eastern) and enjoy a vibe like no other!

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