Shelby Killebrew

Shelby Killebrew is a psychic medium.  She was born in Albany, Oregon and lived on a ranch growing up.  She has been having paranormal experiences since she was a child but didn’t figure out how communication worked with spirit exactly until about four years ago.  She has dedicated her life to this work ever since. She has a group called paranormal impressions on Facebook where psychics of all types have come together to support, teach and learn from each other.  Everybody is born with a different set of abilities and no two psychics are exactly the same.  She teaches other psychics just waking up how to use their abilities as well.  She has also done cold cases and missing persons, spirit therapy radio and has a business called Shelby’s Intuitive Readings.  Being a psychic medium, she is able to communicate with those who have passed on to the other-side.  She connects with earthbound spirits as well as spirit guides, angels , arch angels and others. She does past life readings as well as being able to tell you what abilities you have and help you learn to use them.  Everyone has abilities.  It’s figuring out what abilities you have and learning to use them that counts.  Shelby’s goals are to wake up as many people as she can and help spread love and light again into this world.  We are all one.  Join Shelby for her weekly show  “My Vision” each Wednesday night at 10:30 (US eastern time.)  Her energy is crystal pure and you can feel the love in every minute.  It’s a show you will not want to miss!

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