Peri Lyons

Peri Lyons believes that what we call “psychic ability”, is a natural ability that has both a solid scientific basis ..and a rather noble history. As an intuitive Counselor, Peri combines her unique talents as a clairvoyant, a medium, a trained Shamanista, a Theta Healer and Tarot specialist, with her prestige as the very discreet counselor to the most famous and fascinating folks in the world. Written about in “The New Yorker”, and in the “Front Row Magazine” that went into the Oscar (TM) Gift Bags, the former model brings complete integrity, joy, accuracy and intellectualism, to give her audience immediately helpful advice, both in on-air readings and in her on-air “How To Be Psychic Without Really Trying!” lessons!  Since Peri reads for the most famous folks there are… call in! Because you never know, who might be listening to your beautiful journey.  Join Peri for her weekly show “NYC Celebrity Psychic” every Wednesday evening at 9:00 pm EST right here on A1R Radio Psychic Radio and Moonstruck TV!

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