Natalie Stringfellow

Natalie Stringfellow is from the UK originally, but now lives in Melbourne, Australia, she comes from a line of psychics from her fathers side. Natalie is also a Reiki Master and her passion is to help those who feel they need guidance and clarity. Reiki Energy Healing is used to realign your chakra’s, cleanse your aura and get the energy flowing through your body again unrestricted. It can help you let go and release toxic energy stored in the body to assist in the healing process. Every life experience we have stores an emotion in the body. If these emotions are joy and love we blossom, but if we have experienced trauma and heart break we can store negative emotions that can get stuck in our bodies causing physical pain and also blocks to receiving the abundance we deserve in life, including love and money. Energy healing connects to your higher self to establish where the blocks are and removes them, allowing you to continue with your life free from these past blockages. Tune in each Wednesday night at 9:30 US Eastern time for Natalie’s weekly show “Starlight Angels” as she brightens you week with great psychic radio and an fun, embracing spirit. You’ll love her.

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