Michelle Conway

Michelle Conway has been a professional psychic/medium for over 30 years. Michelle’s path in this field started at the very young age of 3. Spirit would wake her up at night to play and share knowledge. Spirit chose Michelle to follow a spiritual pathway, helping others with guidance, insight and advice. Michelle’s readings are honest, genuine, caring and accurate! There are a number of different modalities Michelle has used over the years. Some are tarot cards, flowers, tea leaves, Turkish coffee, Jewelry, photos and even clothing. Michelle has a diploma in counselling and community services and is a Reiki Master and a certified clinical massage therapist. Over the years, Michele has worked at many different expos and venues throughout Victoria, Australia. In 2015, Lisa Williams selected Michelle to be part of her platform mediumship demonstration in Daylesford, Victoria in Australia. Tune in every Tuesday at 9pm East/8pm Central/7pm Mountain/6pm Pacific times (US) for “Psychic Angel Guidance,” a show you will love from the very first listen!

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