Mary Beth Wrenn

Mary Beth Wrenn is a professional Psychic/Medium who’s been in practice since 1987, and has perfected the ability to see the Aura without using her eyes! She picks up on energetic thought projections pertaining to your life within the areas of love, personal development, career choices, and spiritual purpose. She is also a gifted medium, re-connecting many to their loved ones who have passed over to the other side. Having a psychic session with Mary Beth Wrenn can be very healing and quite insightful! Mary Beth is a veteran broadcaster and is often featured on numerous FM/AM radio stations throughout the United States and on national television shows such as NBC and Fox News. She hosted several A1R Radio Show programs in the past with Wrenn & Friends being the most popular of her programs. She was the Public Relations Director for the Mutual UFO Network in 1995. She published Higher Self Magazine. Mary Beth is now the owner/proprietress of the Online Psychic Fair, an ensemble company designed to showcase new and promising psychics in an effort to help them get established in their chosen careers.

As a way to give back to the community, she volunteers her psychic abilities to interested law enforcement organizations to assist on unsolved missing persons and murder cases. In addition to hosting “Messages From the Other Side,” a series of periodic events during which she facilitates a connection between members of the audience and their loved ones who have crossed over, she is also currently an Energetic Light Coach, teaching people how to adjust their energetic frequencies to improve their energetic projections so that they can achieve their desired results. And has published her first book Soul’s Goals available through

Mary Beth returns to the A1R Psychic Network each week with “Wrenn & Friends” on Wednesday night at 8:00pm (US eastern time) as she fulfills your heart and soul with future infused guidance, loving messages from the other side and divinely inspired directions.  Mark the time on your calendar and tune in live!

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