Linda Jarrett

Linda Jarrett’s spiritual journey began when she was only 24 yrs old; the age when she started to become clairvoyant. She started training in healing and meditation alongside her intuitive trek. It was not long before Linda was a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Angel
Healer Therapist and Meditation Teacher. She’s trained in courses on personal development, awakening, and enlightenment. Her practice evolved and she became aware of the wonderful Rainbow Angels and felt very drawn to the beauty and power of the temples.  The 144 Temples of Golden Light are a gift from Source, to re-balance planet Earth with Goddess energy, raising the vibration through ascension. Etheric temples may be visited during meditation, contemplation or one’s sleep time and bring healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal and the release of any energy blocks; blocks that stop you from moving forward. The Temples give you guidance and protection with much love and total light. Linda discovered that the Temples of Golden Light are sacred goddess temples of golden light. Three Goddesses over-light the temples. Lady Nada (twin flame of Jesus Christ), Goddess Jacinta (she works with the Rainforests and Nature on planet Earth), and Goddess Lathinda (who comes from another universe called the Universe of Golden Light.) Surrounded by the Rainbow Angels, your chakras are all healed at the same time, under the guidance of two neww Archangels, Archangel
Metaziel and his twin flame Archangel Honoriel.  The 144 Temples of Golden Light align to all of the pure energies within this wonderful Universe, and the Gods/Goddesses of Love and Light of Source. Linda celebrates the beauty of it all as your life improves. She Jarrett is an author, spiritual teacher, Rainbow Angel healer, meditation teacher and clairvoyant. She is honored to be the Ambassador for the 144 Temples of Golden Light & looks forward to connecting with you soon! Tune in every Wednesday at 8:30pm East/7:30pm Central/6:30pm Mountain/5:30pm Pacific times (US) for her weekly show “Temples of Golden Light,”and experience a show you will set appointments to hear.  You will love her!

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