Josy Curcio

Josy Curcio is an International Intuitive Psychic Reader and Teacher based in Sydney, Australia. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentience, which means she can see, hear and feel messages during a session. Her readings are beautifully fused with the ancient knowledge of advanced numerology, colour therapy, aromatherapy and oracle/tarot. Her sessions are warm, caring and authentic to her unique style. Josy has also been a regular reader for the last 4 years on PTV Australia. Her spiritual journey started with helping people through the healing touch of massages 17 years ago. Josy now is a Master Healer and holds two diplomas in the art of massages. She also runs several workshops and free circles overseas throughout the year.

Tune in to Josy’s engaging & fun international radio show “Numerology and Color Insights” each Wednesday at 9:00 East/8:00 CT/7:00 MT/6:00 PT (US) exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio.  You will love her from the first show!

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