Gail Moffat

Gail Moffat is a sought out Spiritualist Mentor, Teacher, Public Demonstrator and an Inspirational Speaker.  She has been aware of Spirit since the age of eight. However, it wasn’t until she was much older that her work for spirit`began. Gail’s guide stepped forward, and told her that she was now ready to embark on a journey working for spirit. Gail now works internationally in many countries; also spending much time in India fundraising for educational facilities and needs of the local children.

As a Mentor and Spiritualist Teacher, Gail Moffat currently teaches English Evidential Mediumship, spiritual awareness, development circles and workshops in England; Internationally within USA, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong with a wealth of experience and testimonies. Gail also teaches mediumship at the world renowned Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) and runs their successful mentorship program. Gail has an innate ability at creating outstanding mediums and has been well received by many. Her graduates are actively now working in the UK and abroad. Gail Moffat has a unique way of bringing about the conceptual mechanics
of mediumship together with the blend of spirituality, that in her opinion creates the best mediums.

As an Evidential Medium, Gail Moffat’s principles are firstly, to demonstrate that life is continuous after physical death. Gail clearly provides adequate descriptions and convincing details of the spirit; relaying memorable events that would have occurred in the spirit communicator’s earthly lifetime thus sharing personal memories with the recipient. Gail will bring forward messages that give comfort and guidance. It is always important for Gail to work in an uplifting, healing supportive and loving way. Gail demonstrates her work publicly and privately; being featured recently on WASR 1480 am USA.

As a Public Spiritual Speaker, Gail Moffat has spoken to many audiences about her discovery of the truth of spirit. She has extensively travelled around the world exploring
ideals from different faiths and cultures, understanding the truths of the work of spirit in our world. Gail’s guides work very closely with her when communicating to audiences, her work being very much inspired by spirit. Gail has been invited to speak at various spiritual arenas enlightening people of her discoveries. She is able to captivate an audience with her delightful public speaking abilities and candor sharing her stories and insights that enable others to have a deeper understanding of the very meaning of life itself.

Join Gail each Wednesday night at  8:00pm ET/7:00pm CT/6:00pm MT/5:00pm PT US Eastern time exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio for her show “Bringing The Two Worlds Together.”  You’ll make it “do not miss” radio each week!

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