Constance Henley-Solomon, VP/Executive Producer

CONNIEConnie Henley-Solomon
is the definitive Southern broadcast Marketing Director. Not ony does her expertise extend from on air marketing and radio broadcast campaign ceation, she has develop a fluent understanding of today’s social media and guerilla marketing techniques. Even better, add to these strengths a caring, empathic, loving lady who embraces every client as if they are family and you have Connie. 🙂

iHeartMedia(Clear Channel)
Commonwealth Broadcasting
Wilmouth Broadcasting
…many more.

Her career started in a small town in Tennessee early in the 1990s as the receptionist of a local radio station. It wasn’t long before the General manager, noticing how people were naturally drawn to Connie, promoted her up the ranks to Promotions & Marketing Manager. before she left that station, she was the Director Of Sales for the all of the company’s radio stations.

She left that job to take a huge job serving over the Nashville Area/Kentucky region as Regional VP Of Sales, of which she naturally excelled at.

Connie is well known in radio circles as a markting person who makes it happen.

Now, she can make it happen for you!

Connie is one of radio’s prime marketing experts.

Here are some of the call letters of the AM & FM radio stations who entrusted their million dollar plus properties to her expertise.

WGSQ-FM, Cookeville, TN
WATX-AM, Cookeville, TN
WKXD-FM, Cookeville, TN
WPTN-AM, Cookeville, TN
WSMT-FM, Sparta, TN
WTZX-AM, Sparta, TN
WAEW-AM, Crossville, TN
WCSV-AM, Crossville, TN
…just to varely name a few.

Connie has dominated the marketing field in the world of print & direct mail.

Livingston Enterprise Newspaper, Livingston, TN
MailSouth, Helena, AL
…just to name a few.  

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