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Brandie & DangerBrandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant, is known for her various clairvoyant abilities. She is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Angelic Reader & Healer, Spiritual Coach, Palmistry Teacher, Fairyologist, Paranormal and Cold Case Investigator & Event; Party Planner. She owns a business in the heart of downtown Keene, New Hampshire, USA, known as Keene Intuition.

Brandie offers her unique Time Link readings. Time link is the ability to look back, tapping into past life energy and mediumship which is healing, revealing and creates closure as messages from past loved ones are translated. Spirit guides, Guardian Angels and those in spirit help us through obstacles to achieve a divine life while here on earth. Time link also looks at the present, moving into the future. Essentially, Time Link is the ability to move through time, revealing higher self messages, in ones journey.

She states, “We are all fields of energy and everyone we connect with becomes part of our energy connections, like strings or etheric cords”. Brandie delivers messages in person, via Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Danger is an Intuitive/Psychic who is trained in energy work, and is a Certified Reiki practitioner, as well as an Ordained Minister, offering private readings as well as spiritual advice. He recently decided (with much coaxing and prodding from his friends and colleagues) to share his abilities and knowledge to assist people with their individual life paths. He is well versed in many areas of spirituality, as well as Hypnosis and Meditation. He also enjoys using Psychometry to connect with a persons energy before giving a reading. Although he can connect with spirits through Mediumship, he receives his information psychically. He enjoys teaching others in order to help them in their daily lives., and loves to spread the universal light and love.

Soul Central is the hub to spiritualists all over the world. With a strong sense of community, Brandie and Danger showcase a new guest each week, exposing their talents and abilities.. Soul central introduces the audience to “what feeds the soul” by exploring various forms of divination, wellness and spiritual enrichment. The audience will be captivated by the variety, fulfillment and joy in learning.  Do you or someone you know want to be a guest? Contact Brandie today.   Don’t miss Soul Central with Brandie & Danger, New Hampshire Intuitives, each Tuesday night at 9:30 pm ET/8:30 pm CT/7:30 pm MT/6:30 pm PT exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio!

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