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callerOur psychic radio hosts have been on radio stations in the biggest cities in both the US & Canada (WLTW, Lite 106.7, New York City/CIRR 103.9 FM, Toronto just to name a few.)  We’ve been featured on national TV shows (NBC Universal/Trisha Show & more) and more.  Our advisers love our callers and strongly encourage you to call with your questions.  You make the call… it doesn’t cost anything for the reading.  Get answers now.

Call 888-454-2751 (ASK1) in North America or click the “Ask Anything” graphic above.  You make the phone call, everything else is free.  A1R Psychic radio is Earth’s top psychic radio network with good reason; great psychic radio 24/7 and totally free psychic readings from the industry’s cream of the crop, the most tested and accurate psychic advisers in the world.

A1R Psychic Radio endures due to our highly ethical operations policy. We are very picky about who hosts a show on our network. rest assured, if you are a caller, your free reading is done by one of the world’s finest psychic. They have been tested with the strictest standards.

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