Tina O Spirit

Tina O Spirit‘s passion is to reawaken your passion again and help you find your true North.  She is a gifted Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysics Teacher, Angel Intuitive, Past Life Regressionist, Animal Communicator and a healer specializing in different modalities of healing (such as Reconnective and the Reconnection, Angelic, Spiritual, Past life Assimilation and Arbah.)

Tina has clients all over the world and specializes in soul to soul readings.  She tunes into past, present and future timelines, as well as your galactic lineage.  In her own words, “It is now time to wake up, the time is NOW, it is time to know what your gifts are; to be set on your own pathway; to start connecting with your own soul.”  Her passion is for you to find out who you truly are, to let go of limiting beliefs, to know what your divine blueprint is and to make a heart connection with your soul.  Each of us has something magnificent to express in this lifetime, it is time to know what that is.

Through her readings, Tina will connect with you on a soul level.  With the assistance of your loved ones who have passed away, your angels, your spirit guides
and your Akashic Records, you can easily find out about your divine blueprint.  As a medium, clairvoyant and a healer, Tina helps you discover every aspect of your past, present and future.

When emotional and physical blockages are presented during a reading, we can then look into healing through a variety of different techniques including Spirit Rescue, Reconnective, Pellowah, Past Life Assimilation, Arbah, Angelic or an intuitive healing.

If you re looking to step into your spiritual pathway, why not join Tina with one of her workshops, in-person, all over Australia, or soon to be online.  She teaches spiritual development classes, Stepping Into Your Spiritual Pathway workshops (which includes learning all about your guides, mediumship, past lives, in between lives, future lives) and
Angel and Ascendant Masters workshops.  Tina is also available for Skype, in-person and phone readings

Don’t miss Tina O Spirit’s weekly international radio show “Stepping Stones To Your Soul” each Thursday at 10:30pm East/7:30pm Pacific (US) exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio.  It’s appointment radio that you should not miss!

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