Susan HeavenGazer

In the family of Susan HeavenGazer, there are over 7 generations of men and women who could foretell the future and clairvoyantly and clairaudiently receive messages from the Universe.  As for Susan, she could see and hear angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones, since she was a small toddler. She could also hear voices that talked to her about others’ needs as well as what outcomes would emerge. Being also born with the ability to feel others’ pain, concerns, questions, and thoughts, Susan decided to dedicate her life full-time to helping others help themselves by using her gifts.

In her words:  “When you are with me for a psychic reading, please do not think that I take credit for being extremely accurate, because I consider it a gift that the Universe has bestowed unto me. You need to realize that I do not take any of the recognition for being remarkably factual; in fact I consider it a gift that I have been blessed with this knowledge. I believe that we are co-writers of our World and that the key decisions that must be made greatly influence the outcome of a circumstance. There are many possible paths that you can choose to take. I rely on approaching all psychic readings with modesty, openness, but primarily with truth, candidness (not harshly) and love. Having over 30 years of experience, as well as hundreds of clients all around the world, has taught me that most of us need guidance with love and understanding. All I ask is that you remain as open as possible to what the Universe (God, Goddess, or whatever you feel comfortable with) has to tell you; I promise that you will be both amazed and enlightened by what I have to say. I am now devoted to using my gifts to help people as a medium.”

Her weekly A1R Psychic Radio show is called “Third Eye View” and you will love it!  Tune in every Thursday night at  10:30pm ET/9:30pm CT/8:30pm MT/8:30pm PT US Eastern time!

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