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Therese & RachMaster Coach Rach Wilson & Psychic Channel Therese Tucker are not only two acute and very accurate advisers, they are really just two gals who happened to connect and really like each other; being able to see the gifts and massive awesomeness in the other and allowing both a friendship and working relationship to blossom.

It’s a wonderful chemistry that blends into a fantastic worldwide radio show broadcast every Wednesday on A1R.

Rach is a skilled success strategist, Master Intuitive Coach as well as an Empath who creates dynamic, transformative breakthroughs for her clients.  Therese is a Conscious Psychic Channel, a Medium, and an Intuitive Artist who uses direct guidance and empathic intuition to help illuminate the life path of others.  Together they EMPOWER other sparkly ladypreneurs to connect their spiritual practice to their business so that they can create a life and biz full of ease and grace.

What they know:

– You already have all the tools you need within you, all you need is to be shown how to use them.
– Trust how you feel.
– Life is meant to be fun! (yes, you can still dig deep and have a great time)

Don’t miss their fun & fantastic weekly show “Spirit 4 Success Radio” each Wednesday night at 9:00pm ET/8:00pm CT/7:00pm MT/6:00pm PT here on A1R Psychic Radio.  Trust us, you have two new best friends!

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