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Emotional Healing & Guidance | Thursdays

As a young girl, Ayanna could always pick up on what people were feeling. She was able to know what a person was going to do next based on how they were feeling. She could even predict what the person they had feelings for was going to do next as she was able to pick their feelings as well. To Ayanna, this was a blessing and a curse at the same time. It was a curse when she was younger and trusted people's words more than she did of her own intuition. People would always tell her "You're just too sensitive" "They didn't mean it like that". Ayanna now knows these were just logical excuses to walk over her feelings. Today, she sees it as a blessing. You will too! Tune in each Thursday night and see. It's Emotional Healing and Guidance with Ayanna Yason at 10:30p ET/9:30p CT/8:30p MT/7:30p PT... a great way to spend your Thursday! Ayanna has secrets to share with you.... about you. Everyone loves her... you will too. Exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio!

Earth Magic | Wednesdays

Willow Whiteraven is an Australian, currently enjoying the magical surroundings of Morin-Heights in Quebec, Canada. She works with Tarot and Oracle cards, crystals and totem animals; as well as spirit guides and Angels. Willow is a certified professional practitioner of spiritual, energy and crystal healing and enjoys working as a medium for those wishing to connect with loved ones who have passed over. She has a deep understanding of karmic and soul mate relationships and helps guide others onto their true life path. Whether it is relationships, career, love, finance or your pets, Willow is able to work in a compassionate and empowering way. Willow is able to tap into her clients past lives and can perform remote viewing - which assists her in being able to heal her clients over the phone and offer accurate and insightful readings. She is truly gifted. Tune in to Earth Magic with Willow each Wednesday evening at 10pm ET/9pm CT/8pm MT/7pm PT - it's must-not-miss radio!

The Angelic Spirit | Mondays

Colleen Costello is a professional Irish Psychic/Medium who has been reading over twenty years. She was born with the gift of intuition/psychic ability. Following a near death experience in which she met her Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael, she began receiving signs from the Angels guiding her to share their messages of love and peace and to use her gifts she was blessed with to provide spiritual guidance and help to those in need. It was because of this she created "The Angelic Spirit". Through "The Angelic Spirit", she uses her lifetime experience in the tarot, a combination of traditional and Angel Oracle Cards, along with guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters (overseen by her spirit guide Archangel Michael) to guide you in solving any present difficulties in your life. Don't miss The Angelic Spirit every Monday at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT on A1R!

Spiritual Growth & Psychic Development | Tuesdays

Victoria Shabunin is a Lightworker, Psychic Medium, Healer and a Reiki Master. She specializes in Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing, Aura Cleansing, Rituals, Past Life Regretion, Psychic Readings, Intuitive Card Readings, Palm Readings, Energy Readings, Mediumship and Channeling and Searching for missing people and things. She works with Angels, Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Universe. Victoria is an author and poet. She also works as a behavioral therapist with children with special needs. She teaches spiritual growth and psychic development workshop and does seminars on various spiritual topics. Look for her at psychic fairs, psychic development circles and healing circles. Her purpose in life is to show the way to abundance, teach spiritual growth and to heal. You will love her! Don't miss Spiritual Growth & Psychic Development with Victoria every Tuesday night at 9p ET/8p CT/7p MT/6p PT on A1R Psychic Radio.

Healing with Pam | Tuesdays

Since 2003, formally, Pam has been sharing Intuitive Angel Card Readings, Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Reiki and Hands on Healing. It is a true blessing to be connected with the God of YOUR understanding. She can help you to realize your own connection. With Evolove Healing, you will get supportive, intuitive guidance or healing in order for you to better understand yourself and your current circumstances. Allowing you to become in tune with the true essence of your being, which is LOVE. ​If you’re looking for answers to questions like, What is my purpose? Where do I go from here? or saying things like I am feeling stuck; you’ve come to the right place. It would be an honour to offer YOU messages and healing your Soul needs most. Tune in each Tuesday for Healing with Pam at 11:30pm ET, 10:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT, 8:30pm PT exclusively on A1R... you'll be glad you did!

Messages From Above | Wednesdays

Toni G is a psychic channeler and was born with this gift. After a near death experience it became stronger. She has helped people from all around the world with spiritual guidance by answering their most important questions about love, career/purpose, finances and future events; helping them connect with loved ones that have passed through to the other side. We often have questions about what to do next. We just need guidance on the best path to take. Toni receives information from the other side, (Pure Source Energy, Light, God, Angels) to help answer your questions. As she says, "the information comes thru me, not from me." Don't miss Messages From Above with Toni G every Wednesday at 0:30 PM ET / 9:30 PM CT/ 8:30 MT/ 7:30 PM PT ET exclusively on A1R!

Spirit Messages with Elizabeth | Mondays

Elizabeth has been giving professional readings for over 10 yrs, she has a very keen and insightful Intuition, as well as having the ability to receive answers through the use of Astrology and Tarot. Elizabeth was born with strong Intuition having the ability to call upon her guides and yours, to give you answers that will give you clarity in all areas of your life. After doing thousands and thousands of readings Elizabeth has a strong ability for being able to tune into interest of the heart, relationships, giving incite on how to get a relationship on the track of long lasting true, intense love. Tune in for Spirit Messages with Elizabeth each Monday night at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7 p.m. MT/6 pm PT - it's a truly connected, fun show every week!

Linda Allen Show | Wednesdays

Psychic Linda Allen has worked with people all over the world. She has predicted major world events including the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 and the 2004 Tsunami. She has worked with police, the FBI and has been integral in helping the US fight terrorism. Her mission is to reach as many people as she can and teach them the power of one very small but important word... Love. Linda says, “There’s a magic in that four letter word. If we can love ourselves, we can love the world.” Knowing that receiving gifts and giving gifts go hand in hand, Linda feels she has been blessed to be able to contribute to everyone on a spiritual as well as professional level. Don't miss The Linda Allen Show each Wednesday at 9:30p ET/8:30p CT/7:30p MT/6:30p PT - it will light up your week!

Trisha Condo ~ Intuitive Guide | Tuesdays

Trisha Condo is an intuitive guide, tarot card reader, and an intuitive coach. She feels, sees pictures, and hears intuitively almost similar to channeling her guides during a reading. These tarot usually “talk” to her while communicating with a client. She can tune in to people’s energy or aura within the few seconds she sees or hears you in person, on the phone, or online. And she can hear her spirit guide and yours at the same time. She can also see the aura and predict accurately to your blocked energy, your unhappiness, your fears, your dreams just within seconds. This gift was handed down to her from her mother’s side of the family. Don't miss Trisha Condo ~ Intuitive Guide every Tuesday night at 10:30p ET/9:30p CT/8:30p MT/7:30p PT on A1R Psychic Radio.

Ask A Psychic | Thursdays

A true citizen of the world, Danielle Daoust, partner and brainchild behind Global Psychics Inc., is the eldest of a large, French-Canadian family. She was exposed to the concept of the global community from her earliest years as an Air Force ‘brat" living in the Yukon, Europe, and all over Ontario. Although gifted with a keen intuition and clairvoyance from childhood, Danielle did not focus on these talents until later in life. When she turned 40, she decided to give up her successful business career to pursue a more spiritual life; including service as a psychic reader and teacher; developing and refining her natural talents for seeing beyond the present. "Ask A Psychic" is live each Thursday night at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT. Call 888-454-2751 in North America - 919-341-5615 Globally.

Reverend Eliot's Magickal Window | Wednesdays

As you meet Rev Eliot, he hopes that you will see who he is, what he does, and perhaps most important, what you both may do for and with each other. Rev Eliot follows the right hand path of ritual magick, writing and performing soteric/thelemic ritual for himself and for the needs of others. In the psychic realm, he reads tarot for people in need of advice from all over the map. He regularly consults with producers, actors and other Hollywood personalities who want that extra boost to get ahead in a deeply competitive industry. He also sees with the aid of a crystal ball; in fact, Rev Eliot's a certified crystal gazer. Don't miss "Rev. Eliot's Magickal Window" each Wednesday night at 11pm ET/10pm CT/9pm MT/8pm PT. Call in at 888-454-2751 in North America - 919-341-5615 Globally.

Aphrodite's Love Notes | Tuesdays

Julie Bradshaw is a psychic/medium, energy healer and life/intuition coach who teaches that the most important thing you can do is love yourself first. Delivered with compassion and humor, a reading with Julie is like talking to your best friend. You are immediately at ease! Julie teaches that often the answers you seek are already within you if you learn to trust your own soul and intuition. She offers highly accurate and empowering readings that initiate healing and raise self-awareness; the goal always that of recognizing the unity of the soul and the Universe. As a woman who recovered herself from major depression and a mother of children of special needs, Julie knows what it's like to wonder about the future. Do you have questions about your life, your past lives, your loved ones, your health or have blockages you can't seem to get past? Don't miss Aphrodite's Love Notes each Tuesday night at 9:30 pm ET/8:30 pm CT/7:30 p.m. MT/6:30 pm PT in North America 949-341-5615 Worldwide ask1radio.com

Wrenn & Friends | Wednesdays

Mary Beth Wrenn is a natural psychic medium who sees auras. Your life is a direct reflection of your heart's projection. Your aura projects your thoughts, holds your soul's past lives memories and carries your internal and external images into the future. Your soul knows the future. It's the ego that decides as to which direction to take. We all have free will, and we each have the capacity of making impactful decisions based on intuitive knowledge that we receive. Mary Beth will predict your future by accessing the energy field of your aura, in combination with the esoteric knowledge of the Tarot, empowering you through important experiences in your life. She's going into her 25th year as a professional psychic medium. Put her experience and gift to good use each Wednesday night during her show Wrenn & Friends. Don't miss it at 9:00ET/8:00CT/7:00MT/6:00PT exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio... Earth's #1 psychic radio network!

Soul Medicine Psychic Radio | Tuesday

Bernice has been reading tea leaves & tarot cards for over 25 years for thousands of clients from all over the world. Her psychic readings blend numerology, astrology, mediumship, spirit messaging and tarot together for a really unique, intuitive and insightful experience. Bernice is the proud owner of The Soul Medicine Psychic Shoppe in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Shoppe hosts a collective of Manitoba’s best psychics and mediums. Each week her show brings you a wonderful new insight into the spiritual truth behind our psychic gifts, Bernice is breath of fresh air. Please join her at 11pm ET/10pm CT/9pm PT for Soul Medicine Psychic Radio on A1R Psychic Radio Network every Tuesday night.

Let's Get Psychic | Mondays

Stevie has been aware of spirit since childhood and is able to connect with his many spirit guides whom he talks to regularly. He is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, psychic medium who can work hands free or use tarot cards, crystal ball, ogems, rune stones, wax readings or psychometry. Stevie can look at love, relationships, house, career, family and all areas of life as well as remote viewing, distant healing, pet healing and communication through his spiritual tiger guide Simba. As a young, vibrant, and sensitive psychic, Aldo aims to empower and uplift you through his wisdom and charm. His curious nature has allowed him to perceive subtle energy ever since he can remember. Born an indigo child, he believes he was put on this earth to enrich others, which goes hand in hand with his psychic ability. Aldo has worked in TV and radio; guiding and inspiring many along his journey. Don't miss their show Let's Get Psychic with Stevie & Aldo every Monday night at 10:30ET/9:30CT/8:30MT/7:30PT exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio. You'll love them both!

It's In The Cards | Mondays

Compassion. Truth. Tact. Fun. Lisala is one amazing tarot reader. She's someone who brings the beauty of poetry to every reading. Even her bio is poetic. "Swinging my crystal. Flipping my cards. In my purple hijab, I look to the stars. Burning sandalwood and lavender, maybe vanilla. Call now and find out your next big life thriller. Life gets better when you know what's ahead. Call Lisala and find out, you won't have regret." Truly a unique soul! Don't miss "It's In The Cards" each Monday at 10:00pm ET/9:00pm CT/8:00pm MT/7:00pm PT exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio... Earth's #1 psychic radio network!

Crossed-Over Connections | Thursdays

At the age of 6, Barbara Petrone first remembers seeing and hearing those who had crossed over. She had her first conversational connection in 1997. In 2006, Barbara flat-lined during a breathing attack. In the midst of it all, she was 'employed by the C.E.O. of the other-side,' God. The job? Prophetic Counseling/Seer. God knows how devastating death is to us so he sends people like Barbara to connect with those who have passed. She proves that death should be a celebration. We are perfect and finally home with God! Her connections are stronger and stronger every day! Tune in to Crossed-Over Connections with Barbara Petrone each Thursday. Don't miss it at 9:00ET/8:00CT/7:00MT/6:00PT exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio... Earth's #1 psychic radio network!

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