Dee Clare

Dee ClareDee Clare is a natural empath clairvoyant medium who uses her unique psychic ability to tap into the spiritual realm. A devoted mother, grandmother and earth mother to her clients. Her pragmatic approach to her readings and ability to hone in to the root of situations without tools, 20 years’ experience in psychic readings, extensive travel to include the Caribbean, USA and Ukraine tuning her abilities complemented by her grounded approach to life. Whether you are looking for opportunities or tools for love and relationships, career and prosperity or spiritual destiny and life path, Dee is committed to enlightenment and dexterity. Her understanding and ability to visualize the dynamics of a situation and present the information in a compassionate, non-judgmental loving manner. As we navigate a critical time in humanity and exploration of consciousness, Dee is aware how complex, confusing and chaotic. Never before has technology and spirituality influenced a shift of this magnitude in human consciousness. Dee is sensitive to the challenges facing individuals in the new world having spent many years working in the corporate world. Dee specializes in working with spiritual vibrations and frequencies as a result can offer insight to clients feeling unexplainable sensations. Dee has an interest in transcending realms and dimensions and will guide you to understand how the worlds interact in order to manifest from the spiritual realm into the physical in our everyday lives. You will find her faith and belief in divine cosmic order refreshing. Not the usual style of reading that you are perhaps expecting as she peeps into your past to shift the direction of your present for your chosen future. Be prepared to be inspired, comforted to laugh and to fall in love with love as your eyes are opened to the beauty that surrounds us. Dee believes that her gifts and talents are a blessing and uses with responsibility for each and every reading feeling a sense of satisfaction bridging the worlds and merging various levels of consciousness.

Don’t miss Dee’s weekly show “Spirituality A to Z” each Tuesday night at 8:00pm ET/7:00pm CT/6:00pm MT/5:00pm PT on A1R Psychic Radio. Dee’s energy makes for a great start to a great week of psychic radio shows.  Her show will top your list!

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