Dave Solomon, President

10277035_10201877206279212_2784270218607690306_nDave Solomon is a long time career radio broadcaster with a resume that extends back to 1980 and includes many of America’s most respected radio stations & corporate group owners in all the biggest markets.

iHeartMedia(Clear Channel)
Entercom Radio
Cumulus Media
Sinclair Media
…many more.

His career has spanned the gamut from daily on-air afternoon radio host on a hot-rocking, fast paced boss radio mimicking classic hits station… to effective activist in Washington , DC for important causes that affect all radio broadcasters. He is currently also successful as a voice-over artist, successful internet and broadcast radio station operator, FM radio network syndication & more. Radio is in Dave’s blood. Speak with him for three seconds and you’ll know. It’s impossible to separate him from successful radio broadcasting.

Dave has a very one-track mind; your success (and his) in radio. His family has no appreciation for this, especially around the Thanksgivign table. But that’s OK, his clients love that fact about him. You will too.

So who is Dave Solomon?

Dave is a radio man – a person who is perfect to oversee production of your radio show.. if you are a serious radio host.

The stations he has been employed as a full-time on-air announcer/program director/manager with all have FCC assigned call letters.. not just web addresses.

Here are just a few.

WTRG-FM, Raleigh, NC
WMQX-FM, Greensboro, NC
KISQ-FM, Corpus Christi, TX
WHHY-FM, Montgomery, Alabama
WGNI-FM, Wilmington, NC
WNVZ-FM, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA
KOYE-FM, Laredo, TX
WVBS-FM, Wilmington, NC
WCMG-FM, Florence, SC
KJKC-FM, Corpus Christi, TX
KLTG-FM, Corpus Christi, TX
WFLB-FM, Fayetteville, NC
WIIZ-AM, Jacksonville, NC
WTJZ-AM, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA
WMSQ-FM, Havelock, NC
WRFE-AM, Fort Eustis, VA
WJNC-AM, Jacksonville, NC
WSFL-FM, New Bern, NC
WZKB-FM, Wallace, NC
…just to name a few.

Dave is also a very popular voice-over talent.

His voice has been the main imaging voice for the following stations:

WRBZ-AM, Raleigh, NC
WJXY-FM/WXJY-FM, Myrtle Beach, SC
WWIK-FM, Charleston, SC
WTMZ-AM, Charleston, SC
WJKB,AM, Charleston, SC
KKEA-AM, Honolulu, HI
WFXY-AM, Middlesboro, TN
WBYB-FM, Olean, NY
WOLS-FM, Florence, SC
…just to name a small fraction.  30+ stations broadcast his voice as their main voice now.

Dave is also the voice of many commercial and national promotional campaigns.

You may have heard him on radio ads/public service announcements/promotional messages broadcast on:

WHTZ-FM, New York City, NY
KNDD-FM, Seattle, WA
CHUM-FM, Toronto, ON
KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, CA
WGCI-FM, Chicago, IL
KIOI-FM, San Francisco, CA
CKFM-FM, Toronto, ON
WBMX-FM, Boston, MA
KISW-FM, Seattle, WA
Hit105, Brisbane, AU
…such a small sample of the real number.

Dave has also owned 100% of actual FCC broadcast radio stations.

WZFB-AM, Fair Bluff, SC
WVXY-AM, Fair Bluff, SC
WEZG-FM, Greenville, SC


There is no debate. There are huge differences in the makeup of A1R Psychic Radio vs. 99.999% of the startups of today. Most are run by psychic; we’re run by truly life-career professional radio people. The advantage? There are so many. One is that we let you be the psychic. It’s not all about us, it’s your show… we don’t try to force ourselves or our voices upon it. We make you the star. You’ll notice the difference at A1R Psychic Radio. Everyone always does.

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Before you settle on a radio network…

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No call letters equals no radio experience.

harshly compare radio stations.

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