Dana Spirit Butterfly

DanaDana Spirit Butterfly is a Butterfly, in the truest sense of the word. As a child she was forever dreaming – always manifesting new interests, environments and circumstances. A natural gypsy she has always preferred to ride the waves of transformation through pursuit of authenticity and fortitude, rather than bother too much with trying to adhere to dominant structures and hierarchies often applied in this world. Although like many, she was raised in the intuitive dead zone making her rapid transition into Spirit work even more profound.

A universal spirit channel, Dana loves to tune into the spirit that surrounds us to show you its amazing possibilities. She is an advocate of finding and fulfilling your genuine and unique soul code, allowing you to heal and “be” in this world as you are in your truest sense. She has personal experience in this, after her early shape shifting people pleasing behaviour led to a profoundly debilitating autoimmune condition in her 20s.

She is now a spirit inspired soul coach, a specialist at reconnecting and transforming the body, mind and spirit through inspiration – for true soul embodiment needs to respect this important trilogy. In this, she runs soul coaching programs and courses for everyday people to discover spirit via reading Oracle Cards, communicating with Spirit Guides & Ancestors, Elemental Earth Magicks, Manifestation Rituals and Energy Training.

A renowned professional dance and movement teacher, she believes we have been gifted with a body at incarnation for a reason. While many find the soul’s physical separation from others uncomfortable, we can use this opportunity to build robust, genuine, and heartfelt relationships. When we do this with spirit, for ourselves and for others, we evolve like Butterflies, enhancing our own unique energy codes and our experience on this beautiful planet Earth.

Based in Melbourne (Australia), Dana is also a certified regression & past-life hypnotherapist, fairyologist, angel intuitive reader, psychic medium and trance healer. Her client base now international, she hosts one incredibly uplifting and soul inspiring international radio show through A1R Psychic Radio.

Join Dana Spirit Butterfly’s weekly radio show “Decoding the Spirit Within” each Wednesday night at 8:30 East/7:30 CT/6:30 MT/5:30 PT (US) exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio.  This show is calling you!

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